It all starts with a strong foundation

We have a wide variety of Commercial and Architecturally pleasing Interior Pool Finishes that have been used in many commercial applications across the country.

Our High Performance Cement, a very important ingredient in these mixes is considered to be the glue that holds together the aggregates. Developing a stronger bond to the aggregate and creating a denser cement matrix is vital to producing a long lasting surface.


The improved tightness reduces the amount of water and chemicals that can infiltrate the cement matrix and cause its premature deterioration. Reducing the amount of calcium hydroxide is the key to a stronger and longer lasting cement. Universal Blended White Cement naturally accomplishes this task, leaving you with bright white, high quality, strong and durable cement that is extremely workable.


Extends finish time
Increases workability
Increases strength & durability
Improves resistance to sulfate
(salt) attack
Helps eliminate premature sets


Reduces alkali silica reaction (ASR)
Reduces chemical attack
Reduces efflorescence


Our high performance products are well suited for withstanding the harsh chemical environments of commercial pools.


From our pre-blended Finest Finish Blends formulas to our components for job site mixes we have finishes to suit any project.