We offer a variety of drains and fittings, each one is available in a multitude of colors to complement your interior finish and made with UV Resistant ABS Materials. Review samples below, and click on photo for details and sizing availability. You may also  contact us for more information.

VGB/NSF Safety Certified:

All of our Drain Covers are safety certified and are VGB, ANSI/APSP-16 2011 and NSF/ANSI 50-2015 compliant.
Click to view our VGB Safety Certificate

Cover of VGB Safety listing


VGB Anti-Entrapment Drain Covers- 8"/10"
VGB Round Pebble Top Drain Covers- 8"/10"
SuperFlow 360 Pebble Top Drain - 20"
VGB Round Pebble Top Drain Covers- 8"/10"
Retrofit Drain Cover
Eclipse Drain


Pole Holder Fittings
Pole Holder Replacement Cap & Plug
Rope Anchor Fitting
Square Flush Mount Return Fitting
Threaded Eyeball Fitting
Threaded Wall Fitting- 1.5"/2"
Mushroom Return Fitting
Flush Mount Return Fitting
Australian Return Fitting
Wall Step (Set of 3)
Water Stop Pipe Sleeves