The Craft and the Craftsmen

A word about nature-made products

The organic beauty of natural variation is what makes every swimming pool finish uniquely beautiful.  The challenge and art of delivering a professional and durable finish using natural stone and minerals is in working with materials that are subject to behave differently depending on what elements they are exposed to. It’s lasting qualities are also reliant on the continued care the homeowner provides over the life of the swimming pool or spa. Without this partnership, as with any object of value, the finish may suffer form neglect.

Cement, sand, quartz, abalone, glass pebble and additives, all components of interior pool finishes, are organic and derived from Mother Nature.

Universal White Cement processes and manufactures these natural products combining them with the most important component, our high-performance cement, to create beautiful swimming pool interiors that can withstand the test of time.

Did you know that your Pool Interior is the only “handcrafted” part of your swimming pool?

The craftsmanship:

Did you know that your Pool Interior is the only “handcrafted” part of your swimming pool?

Our swimming pool interior installation experts across the country are “specialists” with many years of experience perfecting their trade. They take great pride in their workmanship and we take great pride in the products that we put into their hands.

We know that pool interior finishes are composed of natural materials which have natural variations and reactions when exposed to elements of different swimming pool environments. We also know that the application process is an art in itself so between those factors a completely uniform finish without a perceived “flaw” is nearly impossible. Variations in finishes are oftentimes out of the contractor’s control.

In such cases, a customers satisfaction of the overall project comes back to us. Even yet, we find ourselves often battling with today’s savvy customers over each small imperfection and fingers get pointed in many directions. Universal White Cement is continually working to bridge the gap between the industry and its consumers with products “For Pool Plasterers by Pool Plasterers”.

Our commitment:

Our commitment is to our installation companies, by providing high quality products so that they can be assured that the process of mixing and application of our products go smoothly, ultimately giving the end consumer a beautiful end product that they can use for many years to come.

We also want serve as a resource for knowledge and education, our team is comprised of individuals with many years of unique experience in the swimming pool industry. As an affiliate of many trade organizations such as the National Plasterers Council, we can stay on top of industry research and developments and share them with you. The NPC’s start-up procedures and water chemistry guidelines are also an important resource which is available to you here.

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