U-ADD-POZ – Plaster/Marcite Admixture

Strengthen your pool’s interior finish, Naturally

Universal’s U-Add Poz™ is a plaster/marcite admixture that will turn the standard cement used in pool finishes into a high performance product. It will make your pool’s plaster, pebble or quartz finish stronger and last longer.

U-Add Poz™ was specifically developed for the swimming pool industry. It is the only patented blend of pozzolans and has been installed in over 100,000 pools since 1995. What makes U-Add Poz™ unique is the formulation of different natural pozzolans that are combined in the correct percentages for the maximum results.

The blend of natural pozzolans in the U-Add Poz™ consume and reduce the amount of calcium hydroxide, a normal by product is the weakest part of cement and is the cause of many problems. Calcium hydroxide forms voids, which are unstable, weak, porous and are easily attacked by chemicals and aggressive water. Pozzolans reduce the amount of calcium hydroxide and turn it into a cementitious material forming a denser and tighter matrix. The improved water tightness significantly reduces the amount of water and chemicals that can infiltrate the plaster and cause the deterioration of cement. The increased strength of the plaster will provide many years of pool enjoyment.


  • Turn ordinary cement into high performance cement.
  • Reduce the amount of calcium hydroxide
  • Forms a tighter dense matrix for improved water tightness.
  • Increased strength and durability of plaster.



Give Your Pool Finish A Proven Advantage – Increase Strength & Improve Durability

PLASTER MATRIX – Strengthen your pool’s interior finish, Naturally


High strength is critical during the early stages of cement development known as curing. Studies have found that high early strength in cement is the key to protecting the cement against future attacks that can cause its deterioration.



Long-term durability is reached by the patented blend of pozzolans that transform the weak calcium hydroxide, normal in cement into a denser cement matrix. Reducing the amount of calcium hydroxide is the answer to a stronger and longer lasting cement.

Calcium Hydroxide Content




PEBBLE MATRIX – Washing Stage of a Pebble Application

Pebble and Quartz aggregates are being used today in pool mix designs to help create more durable pool surfaces. Pebble Matrix™ was developed to produce a high performing cement to complement exposed aggregate finishes.

A denser cement matrix is the key to a longer lasting pool finish.

Cement, a very important ingredient in these mixes is considered to be the glue that holds together the aggregates. Developing a stronger bond to the aggregate and creating a denser cement matrix is vital to a producing a long lasting surface.


When durability and a long lasting pool finish are important factors in your decision ask your contractor to add Pebble Matrix™.

• Formulated Ingredients
• Superior Bonding Capabilities
• High Early Strength
• Denser Cement Matrix
• Reduced Check Crazing
• Additional Working Time
• Long Lasting Pool Finish