UNIVERSAL ICE – Control Set/Control Quality

As temperatures climb, portland cement products set faster. The result is less time is available to the applicator to pump, place, and work the material to achieve the desired finish. THIS IS THE TIME to add Universal ICE Set Delay into every job.

The ability to optimize a material’s pump-ability, workability, and finish-ability, becomes critical at higher temperatures. In order to achieve a good quality and durable finish, vital set-enhancing ICE Set Delay IS A MUST.

ICE Set Delay is unmatched in the industry for providing technicians an extended set time allowing the ability to optimize every beneficial and needed characteristic. Extending the time of set ensures greater control and/or enhancing of the following vital characteristics:

  • Better pump-ability
  • Better finish-ability
  • Serves are a troweling aid
  • Controllability of set
  • Decreased shrinkage cracking
  • Increased density
  • Optimized hydration
  • Enhanced durability

While the optimum dosage depends on prevailing conditions (temperature, humidity, wind, substrate absorption, mix design, etc…), Each packet or scoop allows typically 15 minutes of extra time.

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